HP with its recent acquisition of Samsung in 2017, HP now stands as one of the largest providers of A4 Multifunction and single function printers in Australia. As a well known and trusted brand in many homes, HP has proved them self as a go to supplier when it comes to A4 printers in any office environment.

Although the market share HP holds in the A4 range isn’t surprising, they have only really started to make way in the A3 Multifunction space in recent years. Their next generation A3 multifunction and photocopier range has changed the way customers interact with there technology and it’s made customer usability and reliability a real focus.

If you are looking to rent, lease, or purchase outright, the flexibility is yours. As a true managed print service supplier, you have a range of A3 multifunction printers right through to single function laser desktop printers.
For more information or to request a quote, simply fill in the details below and we will connect you directly with your local supplier and you can start your journey to improved efficiency.

What to expect:
Service Response times: 2-4 hours (Metro Areas)
Service contract cost per page rate (optional) 5-8c colour .5-1.2c mono

** All devices have an optional service agreement which is billed each month based on the pages you print. This cost per page means if you require any toner, servicing, parts or labour, for your device, your supplier will provide it to you and all you need to do is pay the cost per page x amount of prints you have used and that’s it. **