McDonald’s digital transformation project

Digital Transformation

In my day to day journey, I hear people say digital transformation is outright complicated, but nothing could be further from the truth. To understand the entire concept and simplicity, digital transformation starts from changing the way you simply think about your business today. I see no reason why small business or even enterprises should be against this idea as business in the “modern world” are all supposed to jump at the opportunity to improve and transform their business, especially when the rewards to are so high, and in-action can set you back so far.

The idea of “digital transformation” really centres on investing in new, innovative business models based on the current and emerging technologies – Does that sound complicated?

Digital transformation goes beyond just technology, it has a real human dimension which makes it even more important to start adopting the change. It goes without saying that the customer has more control today then ever before and the need to develop new capabilities required to serve them not just better and faster but with new personalised and immediate offerings.

Now let me use an example – I was told this story during the Superbowl by a good friend of mine. 


Most of you would laugh when I say the name McDonald’s mid discussion of “digital transformation” post but they are the perfect example.

In 2015 McDonald’s incorporated digital transformation in their restaurant experience and company processes. They started the installation of self serve kiosks, with this customers could quickly customize their hamburgers, they also adopted the Apple mobile pay.


McDonald’s had a vision, the adapted new technology and  later that year in the 2015 Super Bowl football championship, using social media, they could gave away products related to the commercials they were airing throughout the game.

McDonald’s needed to respond to their customers and also monitor their social media trends in real time – this is where digital technologies came in.

Reconfiguration of their entire internal communication and operational processes was done and McDonald’s created a digital newsroom made up of a cross-functional team with members of the marketing and legal divisions, advertising and the social media technology provider of the company.

The success achieved was massive resulting over 1.2 million retweets including high-profile celebrities.

Digital transformation isn’t always process or technology hardware, it can be as simple as finding news ways to create value which in turn increases the opportunities of boosting the number of prospective customers in the digital space. It simply offers a seamless user experience to prospects thereby sustains a long-lasting relationship with its customers by developing an emotional connection.

It is not something to be left for the future as a good number of businesses have already begun their digital transformation, and personally, I would prefer addressing these changes before my competitors do. How about you?

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