Toshiba launched its most innovative and intuitive multi-function machines to date with the newly-engineered e-studio range back in early 2016.

Toshiba has made some of its most creative and innovative technology in recent times. With a real focus on the environment, they have created award winning technology that allows you to erase toner on prints and reuse the paper for another document.

Seen as a reliable and user friendly supplier, Toshiba has maintained its place in the middle tier of the copier market for many years.

Where Toshiba’s true strength lies is with is digital workflow and automation solutions. Unique to Toshiba, their bespoke solutions are making the process of document automation and storage much easier and safer.

If you are looking to rent, lease, or purchase outright, the flexibility is yours. Toshiba are a true managed print service supplier. With A3 multifunction printers right through to single function laser desktop printers, their offering can be tailored to any business size.

For more information or to request a quote, simply fill in the details below and we will connect you directly with your local supplier and you can start your journey to improved efficiency.

What to expect:
Service Response times: 2-4 hours (Metro Areas)
Service contract cost per page rate (optional) 5-8c colour .5-1.2c mono

** All devices have an optional service agreement which is billed each month based on the pages you print. This cost per page means if you require any toner, servicing, parts or labour, for your device, your supplier will provide it to you and all you need to do is pay the cost per page x amount of prints you have used and that’s it. **